Stimulant for your thought

Hello my peeps. So here are some of the many random highlights i’m able to remember between all my 5 senses this week. Either good or bad so Enjoy my misfortune.


1.The taste of cat fur in my mouth.

2.Popsicle on the tongue.

3.Angela Chang’s lips in my dreams.


1.Caressing and tickling the cute tummy and nipples of my beloved  dear Munii until she squirms away in annoyance.

2.The diarrhea feeling i had to hold in all morning today.


the piercing smell of satay followed by the thick smell of smoke that usually follows when passing the satay spot that made me feel like puking.


1.Watching my turtle go on a worm eating frenzy.

2.A pair of hot legs i have the hots for.

3.The sight of my cat- Munii, falling into the turtle tank while trying to catch the fishies.

4. Finding a dead hamster in a cabinet due to starvation.


Elliot Smith – Angels

Elliot Smith – twilight

Led Zeppelin – the immigrant song

At the Drive-in – pattern against user

Me and Munii who will turn 3 months this 28th.

You know? Every google page i read says that pushing 200 sit ups a day wont lose you tummy fat but for some lucky reason i am. Then again i’m 16 and most of those on the net are 20.. 30 ish and this is where my age comes with a great advantage. so this is where my old english teacher would say “A stitch in time saves nine, but rome wasnt built in a day”. My old BM teacher on the other hand would probably say something like “Apa pulang nak kurus?! Nanti kepala macam baloon, badan macam tulang ikan.”.

oh yeah. Thursday night i met up with Mei jun, Li shi and their small entourage. Mei jun was my wing man by default it seems because when stuff like when this random hot girl grazed her ass on my arm happens, Mei Jun was the first person i told that shit to. haha. Kesian her having to listen to me talking about nipples and asses. Sorry Mei Jun. I know you totally love gays but im a lesbian. I like girls. (;

And poor Li Shi. I know she doesn’t like walking without w no destination and then suddenly stopping and thinking of what to do. I can tell from her eyes…. and the fact that she told me last week. Me and her just click you know. She says i’m her gentleman so she’s my angel eventhough I’m as much of a gentleman as she is an angel. haha. Anyway, she gives me warm hugs pretty much all the time so she still makes me happy. (; anyhooo

“I saw London, i saw France. I once saw this kid shit his pants.” i really did you knoww. buhbye


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