Rojak post. rojak blog. rojak guy.

Here’s something to ponder about. Look at the night sky and you will notice a handful of visible stars. some bright and some… not so bright. So now imagine if you were on a whole different planet of one those distant stars, youre looking in the sky. would our sun be one of those bright lights in the sky or a very dim spec. a star to behold or one to never got noticed. I don’t know and am too lazy to google.

Ohh yeah. Tomorrow I’m going to go on a trip! a trip on a ship. One of those yearly tour of the coast ships or something. #1 rule tomorrow as stated is “DO NOT DO THE ‘TITANIC’ WHILE ON THE SHIP!”. hah. I think that shows that alot of visitors have gone and did. (;
We’re also told to not bring food and whatnot because it’s provided but i just hope they cater to health-conscious people too. i don’t wanna see rendang here, goreng there. Just the other day during this school 10 hour counseling thing they told us not to go home. That they will provide a good meal and a specific movie. pffft. They just served Nasi ayam and showed short films or talking baby toys. so not up to par.
What i don’t understand is students with high ‘realistic’ skills are selected to go on this trip and it is definitely not my strength as i remember. i scored on artistic and investigative so god knows why I’m selected.

I’m cool with it though. got to skip A.maths tomorrow and can finish up on my physics project which on most parts… i ‘borrowed’ from my best friend- the internet.

So on global news. Last month(june) this Japanese company finally invented a car that runs on water!! So ideal it makes me smile. It reminds me of what Steven Hyde said while in ‘the circle’. “Fuel shortages are a conspiracy i tell ya” :j

Oh. here’s a couple of my qualifying exam marks so far.

Geo- p1 35/40
p2 68/100

Bio- p1 35/40
p2 63/80

Maths D- p1 61/80
p2 80/100

A maths- p1 27/80
p2 38/80

Damnn. my bio and Amaths are going down hardd. I think I’m going to go drown my endless sorrow in 12 hours of continuous sleep now. wish me luck with that.



2 thoughts on “Rojak post. rojak blog. rojak guy.

  1. What a nice blog.. Ehehehe.. Love the way you describe the ‘perayaan’ season.. *so and very sarcastic*

    The neighbour broke in via your room at night to steal? What a burglar.. What a neighbour.. That is so terrifying..

    Owh u did quite well in other subjects but Add.Maths.. Ehehehe..

    Will visit your blog again..

  2. Thanks. Even though im not taking my blogging responsability that much seriously recently, it’s nice to know people still enjoys this place.

    and yeaa.. i guess i did fine. Not GREAT…. just finee.

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