how i’m linked to my links

Go and hover on my blogroll links. Cool thing about WordPress is i can put descriptions on my exits. :j

That was actually what i’ve been doing all afternoon. I just wanna write so much but i was limited to so few words.

bah. go and check out what i think or have to say about you.



9 thoughts on “how i’m linked to my links

  1. haha. really? after reading it over it sounds like something that came from TV. When someone has a flashback or something before they jump off a building or just got shot.

    ohh. i might just do that bash. i paid so i deserve mine.

    and Aimee, you are definitely beautiful. So much that you used to really intimidate me actually. I hope you’ll realize that soon enough… and you know you’ll only be proving me right if you deny it Aimee ;j

  2. PSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTT. so selama ane kauu suka jokes kuu?*mua bangga. HAHAHHA. yeahh, nanti lagi aku buat tudung ku mcam MAKCIK ROCK AH*point finger plus little finger. apakan. ehh satu lagii, saya tidak smart. HAHA. yesyes, honestly ;p si pahmee baru SEMART

  3. to Aqilah-haha. jokes mu cali tapi bukannya cali banar lah. ganya kau terlampau over to the max wah. haha. mun urg lain buat jokes mu nda tia cali.

    to ‘afif- what i meant is i rarely get to acknowldege your presence. sometimes months on end.

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