Paranoia has got the best of me.

0130 sunday 12/7/08, a 20 year old neighbor kid named Hakim broke and entered our home. Entering sneakily through my room window, stole the n81 on my sidetable, picking the lock of my sister’s room and rummaging through her stuff, going downstairs and sneaking into my mums room where he got caught.
sunday morning. My favourite day it was. Woke up pretty uplifted and well… Happy.
Went to look outside my window at the sky when i noticed an open gap at my window. That freaked me out alot. Thaught it was my simple human error so i brushed it aside. Then i noticed the n81 was gone. Not under the sheets… Not under the bed. Gone. Paranoia. Going to go downstairs i then realised that my guitar amplifier was turned off. Sheet. Did someone break in???
Then when i was about to unlock my door…. It was already unlocked! What the hell?
I always lock my door!

Going downstairs my mum finally told me what happened. Went to the police station and whatnot and settled everything. I dont wanna get into what happed at the station as we were there for ages.

Then that was that. I figured this was the end of it.
Now last night i remember thumping away the dirt and dust of my carpet outside my window. I guess i forgot to close the window.
Then i noticed my amp was off again. Maybe it was me this time but gahhhh!
Im like really paranoid out of my mind.
Im keeping the chokutò next to me tonight. And will just have to stay up.
I need to get over myself.



7 thoughts on “Paranoia has got the best of me.

  1. gilaa. yang tinggal….. (-2i +3j) from my place wah. 2 houses to the left from yourss. palui eh. you know apa alasannya ia gitau? mabuk. palui jua tu.
    how drunk do you have to be to rob a house??

  2. hahaha talor.. mabuk, satu kes udah tu, mencuri g.. haha.. stupid idiot.. Anyway I was like.. “Apa katana ne an? Bukan tht thing yg those unreal super heros selalu ada kn tu?” so i google-ed it up and walaaaaah banaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrr.. hahaha..

  3. yeaa. it was really stupid in his part.
    ohh. theres a correction. The sword is actually a straight single blade. Its actually more of a Chokuto instead of a Katana which is a longer and curved single bladed sword.
    anyway, i corrected it.
    And i dont know any superheroes that carries a Katana. haha.

  4. hahaha.. not really super heroes, more like, these kinds of fighting action figures.. Mostly boys yg into em.. Anyway, who know if one day, clark kent decides to use Katana instead of his unreal powers? (no people, his powers are totally bogus!) haha

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