Chess = cessh = $$$

Okay. I know i sucked at chess but i didn’t know i reeked at chess!

so i went to BSRC chess centre today for the chess blitz because i had nothing better to do today i guess. and taking a shot at the winning prize of BND2000 seems so much more better than watching cartoons with my little brother at home. later i figured out that It was like sooo hard. i got like only 3.5 points whereas the winner had 11.5.

well… it’s not so bad i guess. i beat this international Bruneian chess player in like 5 moves. thats something right? though it was just plain dumb luck. eheh. 3 minutes wah one game so i couldn’t think bah.

the guy sitting next to me tadi won tickets to Singapore and me? i won an ass-kicking to my chess ego. :j



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