recent develmpment.

gah. Relaxation… So close but yet so far..ive only got chem 1 and english papers to go. Then again… That doesnt liquify the fact that this is just the qualifying exam and is actually useless in reality.
Is it funny how after the end of an exam we feel as though that everything has come to that and that only ..until you have to go back to class and have your prior upliftment struck down like one of those ducks in that old school duck hunting game with the brown smiling bloodhound.

Anyway, on a lighter note, i have a great feeling about this exam. I didnt get that “fucking hell! Matilah” feeling after any of my papers. woohoo.
And seriously… I didnt really did much studying other than the first day. Sleeping seems much more appealing during exams wah. also the counselor said you need a good night sleep before an exam so yea.
Oh yeah. These days ive been flirting with an old friend-christy in chinese! More accurately, mandarin. Nyeheh.
She was my tuition mate as well as an old crush. Shes really pretty fyi. So she’s actually giving me chinese flirting lessons by teaching me all the right words and phrases. Anything that pushes her buttons, she teaches. Though i think this supposedly innocent tutoring is sparking something else between us. The flirting has probably something to do with it. :j

Alsoo these days ive started doing work outs again. I think most guys go through this workout phase once in their life. Ive set a resolution to get myself fit once more last new year’s eve and i need to meet that resolution. Its July already gila.
Ive been doing a good job at weight control i guess but i want washboard abs. Haha.
And i could take a picture everyday for …4..5 months and compile it into a fluid video to show the buffing progress. My brother gave me that idea not long ago. Nyehe. So unoriginal. 5 minutes into the video and the only development visible is the growth of a tummy of what seemed to resemble a 2 month old baby. Tweng tweng tweng.

The only bad news here is the fact that squirt suffered from impactation. Google it as i dont really wanna talk abt it. Byeo



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