you make me so *clicks mute*

When i hear ‘Avril lavigne’, i hear hipocrit.

The whole bimbo gimmick. pffft. Did she just woke up one day and went like…”ohhh my gawdd! I’m soo gonna dye my hair blonde! It’ll match my boobs which are so hottt. don’t you love ittt!!”. Kinda unsurprising though. If she didn’t do this whole bimbo turnover then she would probably disappear into the abyss slowly just like that. 2 album she sang about hardship and teen angst. do you really need another? Though the lyrics to her songs now are definitely not as sincere as it was before. The only thing stopping me from changing the channel is Avril herself.

Seriouslyy..did she get implants or something? Or did she finally realize she had envious boobs because recently it seems as though she’s taunting us with her cleavage everywhere.

ohh well. I’ll just mute her crappy music and just watch the videoclip. Everyone wins.



10 thoughts on “you make me so *clicks mute*

  1. Have Any Of You Guyz Heard Of A ‘PUSH-UP BRA’???
    Well,If You Guyz Don’t..Sorry to hear that..
    Ever Seen Paris Hilton Looking Like that??Her Secret Was The ‘push-up bra’..& Avril’s on implant??maybe yes or mayb no..but then again,she’s maybe u guys know what i mean..&& No offense to anyone..i think she still look Hawt!!!

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