Sorry about the lack of posts. I haven’t mentioned this but my access to the laptop is scarce and i sold my phone to get equipments for the turtles. My qulifying exam is on the 1st July too so that sucks too.

I’m doing good thoughh.

so as mentioned, I’m gonna introduce you to my turtless!

This tiny critter is Squirt.

He’s a red-eared slider and is a pretty docile one too. soo tiny! not more than 1.5 inches long(from carapace). In some countries selling them this small would be illegal.

Theyre called sliders because of how quick they would get into the water whenever they feel threatened while basking but not this one. he would just fold it’s legs and enjoy the warmth.

He would always chase ard the fishes hoping to get a good meal but he’s too slow. (;

A great swimmer though and if not basking, would be swimming ard doing laps while searching for food.

Likes to sleep ard too and play ard in the sand as well as bask in the heat on rocks as well as little foot’s shell. He’s a handsome critter though he likes to annoy other turtles.

This is me sneaky Turt.

a sneaky little devil he is. A snake neck turtle. i bought him when i saw this little container hiding under the shelves in the petstore away from being seen by anyone. i looked inside and i saw a turtlee. a snakeneck turtle lagitu. it looked like it was being neglected maybe. so i saved it. This turtle costs like 9 red eared sliders. pfft.

So Turt is a picky eater yes. Ate my pregnant guppy, one of those tiny cleaning fishies and possibly a shrimp. Doesnt really bask though.

Turt is one of those turtles that spends most of his day under the water. Usually likes to hide under a rock and wait until a fish passes and he uses his long neck to ambush them critters. But most of the time he fails and hides back under his rock. The remaining fishes in my tank are the fast and smart ones.

ard 3 inches long(carapace) but ard 5 inches if including the neck.

its a sideneck turtle so if it’s scared, it would roll its neck ard its shell so it’s head would be somewhere ard it’s ass. eheh

Likes to observe too. sometimes when you look at the tank, you notice a little face looking right at you smiling. You dont see a body but just a head. haha. scaryy.

This is little foot!

As i mentioned countless times he’s a malayan box turtle.

A gift from the principal of AAC and an fully adult male. pretty brave one he is as he would not close up it’s shell completely. It would always leave a tiny opening for it to peek out off and would be out and about again in a minute.

ard 8 inches long (carapace) and has a long thick tail to attract the ladiess.

His three feet handicap doesn’t bother him much now after i lined the tank’s bottom with sand so it doesn’t hurt his tiny foot.

He seems to not know about his missing foot as you can always see his tiny foot moving in sync with his other legs as though nothing is out of the ordinary. That’s cool about animals. They don’t see imperfection as ugliness like people do. That’s an envious feeling.

Littlefoot also loves to cover his shell with sand while in the water. A kind of defensive mechanism i noticed and he would prefer being in the water than on land eventhough he’s such a clumsy swimmer.such a silly turtle.

Overall, ive got three funneh turtles living in my 45g tank. While the tank is catered for turtles, i do keep 4 fishes, a shrimp and 2 lobsters in there also. Currently searching for water plants to place in there too.

my tank:- 36″ x 18″ x 18″, 45 gallon breeder

substrate:- multi purpose sand

filter system:- eheim professional 2 2028 canister filter

basking area:- decorative rocks

basking light:- 100 watts incandescent lightbulb with officelamp fixture

so yea. I’ll update with a picture of my tank when i get the time alright. Right now I’ve got to study and buy a present for my sister’s birthday tomorrow.

Ohh and a happy blated birthday to akmal!!! 28 june. Akmal oh Akmal. He’s childish when with his friends but mature when with hot girls. anyway, laterr peoplee.



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