crustacean love.

2 days agoo i went to Faris’s house to play wii. My hand is like crampingg hard due to the boxing. Not actually cramping per se where your muscles would start to spasm uncontrollably but the kind where you can feel your muscles straining when you stretch out your arm. whatever it’s called.either way, aduhhh.

i have a complain for wii though. Your DDR songs are ..yawn. i mean gawd.. after playing DDR on the wii, that night i had to set up the dance mats at my place just to prove to myself that DDR isn’t that boring. And it’s not.


Oh, We went fishing yesterday. Naturally.. i caught nothing as usual.

anyway, we caught 2 crabs! woww.

not wow?

we caught 2 big crabs with the fishing rod!

still not wow for you?

we caught 2 big crabs with the fishing rod at the same time!


we caught 2 big crabs that were having sex with the fishing rod!

haha. crab porn. after seperating them, after a few mins, they started the sex marathon yet again. Never knew crabs were such horny creatures.


4 thoughts on “crustacean love.

  1. heyyy it’s not my fault that my DDR songs are yawn? you yourself was confused playing the game and u even havent tries the whole body movement feature….and not all songs are unlocked hehehe

  2. hahahhhahhahaha.. funny crabs, you ate em? baik inda went all horny lapas tu? hahaha.. I wasn’t amaze awal2, untiiiiiiiill.. well, you know lah arah mana.. hahaha.. im laughing+crying my tummy off.. reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaal hard..

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