post marked OVERDUE.


has it really been a week?.?
well.. I’ve opened up a ‘new post’ countless times this week but failed to paint the canvas successfully.

let me just give you an overview of my week okay. (:

2nd June,
The principal of AAC just gave me a turtle as a birthday gift. what’s so special? it’s a male malayan box turtle and it has 3 legs. uhuh.. it’s missing it’s left forelimb.

3rd June,
English ‘O’ Level EXAM!
it was funn.
My essay question? write a story which includes “ i entered the room, i saw what i hated most”
My story? It started with something like “Hello my name is Fahmii and for 2 years, i have been in a coma. Eventhough i was out for 2 years, i wasn’t as catatonic as people thought i was. For those 2 years, i have been living in my own world, my mind.”
It’s about me and my tiny world in my mind which i created. Everything was full of life, everyone was happy and life was good but as the years passed, things like corruption, greed and such was slowly turning my fantasy into reality. trees didn’t sing anymore as they are being cut down and skies aren’t as blue anymore due to industrial capitalization and my land was in anarchy.
The sultanate was overthrowned by a democratic government system and i was confined in my castle, doors and windows shut tight with guards everywhere for the entire 2nd year and was forced to only hear my kingdom in amok. In the 4th week of December, all the guards were gone and my kingdom was quiet but water seemed to be seeping throughthe door gaps. i Ran up the supposed to be guarded’ tower and when i reached the top, i saw what i hated most. my kingdom was flooded. Human nature. Global warming. Greed. rising sea level.
and in the end it went like “Hello, my name is Fahmii and for 2 years i have been in a coma and i have witnessed global warming and then i quote leonardo diCaprio ” you can turn mankind’s darkest hour into it’s finest by saving our world”.
okay, that wasn’t really all that accurate but just a gist of the story alright :j

My english teacher also wrote this on my book. eheh.

Birthday! It turned out better than i expected. it seemed as though evverytime i look away from my phone, someone would wish me happy birthday. This stretching of the birthday greetings is awesome because instead of being all happy at midnight right before you fall asleep, you’ll live your day constantly with a smile.
I pretty much had a greatt dayy with no sad thoughts whatsoeverr. overall, my pouridge was not too hot nor was it too cold but was it was just right.
ohh! and Lil Dear Diane went through the trouble of getting me a birthday cakee. how sweett (; The cake was pretty and sweet but she’s like superr de duper sweetahh and prettierr!

4th June,
Marching pass practice in the afternoon. gila ehh. it was hot like fuk and i was being a noob by not knowing those marching basics.
it’s like when the leader goes and say “up!”, everyone would instantly do the same by the next second but you’ll only hear my voice like 3 seconds later. eheh. soberr.
And this bitter girl from school whose first words to me in Jan were “apa liat liat?!?” was being all nice to me. haha weird much? Seriously i mean does that indicate that in more or less 6 months, i have risen from the ‘new guy’ status to ‘someone you should be nice to’ status? Probably.

5th June,
I realised i have eaten more junk food in the past week than i have in months. macam gilaa. haha. and i have pretty much offered all my candies and such to Shwu tyng exclusively. (; Today it was that ‘hershey’s cookie’s and creme’ bar.
In the afernoon had bio practical which was like nuts! That translates to ‘kacangg!’.
Then right after bio, us form 5s were made to look and dysfunctional penises. There was this Hiv Awareness Programme for Peers and Youths or in other words, H.A.P.P.Y.
It was pretty cool though. but cali wahh. there was like three groups.

A. which means you will refrain from sex ;
B. which means you will ‘stick to one’ and;
C. which means you will have polygamous sex with a condom.

80% of the students choosen went to C. haha. the student councelor had that “WTFF?!?!” look on her face. haha. hilariouss.
Then after the disturbing pictures of people’s crotches have ended, we had one of those journeys where we would all close our eyes, mood is set and we would just listen to some talk which plays with your mind and you would have one of those epiphanys. Alot of eyes were glistening in the end.

6th June,
LAZY FRIDAY! went to petshops to get stuff for my three legged friend. We ended up buying like 5 goldfishes there. haha. My mum paid so it’s technically her fault.

7th June,
SPORTS DAY! haha. okayy, i dont really have team temborung spirit as this is my first year at AAC and whatever little school spirit i had was washed away by the rain this morning. Instead, during the march pass and shotputt, i was DDR-ing at the arcadee nearby with Faiz, Aziz, Hafizuddin, Azim, Diane and her entourage after watching mr.Bean at Aziz’s place to change to dry clothes. I had to go sockless though as they were wet. Arcade was awesomee. I love DDR! i played like 12 songs there with 8 of them, it was between me and Hafizuddin. He’s has awesome footworks.
THEN for some reason, my Steven Tyler’s ‘i don’t wanna miss a thing’  got all of their attention tarus. They were probably like “katak mana lagi menyanyi ni kan?”. Mei jun was nice though. she said my singing was the best. haha. tipuuu. Then we went to the beach behind OGDC after i thought Hafizuddin’s girlfriend how to swing reallyy high as we were kinda jobless. Though it was a great day out in the end, it felt like at the end of the day, it was eventually like couple’s day out. pfft. Sadly, the only ass i got today was from pushing Aqilah who was on the swing.


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