Post marked OVERDUE 2

I have been gone for ..20 days. eheh. may this blog not be down the toilet already.

If i were to post about everything in my life since last time i posted, i would be better off sending it off to a 2000 words essay competition and win me some money. then i would post my essay here and brag about how i won a consolation of $5 from getting 45th place on my holiday essay.

but nahh. too much work for me although the five dollars does seem eye catching at the moment.

Crapp. I spent like a lottttt. i mean i dipped into my cash more this month than i have in the past year or two
.Now i need to spend like $250 on a new fluval 404.(canistal filter) for me turtle. gahh. And i was hoping to get a new camera soon. poof*

I’ll show you pictures of my vivarium setup soon alright. (;

I went to Manukan Island veryone and it was AWESOMEE! Best experience i had in a longg time. I found nemo! but i lost my camera. nyehh. I think it’s a sign that i need a new camera.

Hey, Are there sex workers in KB really? i mean that’s disturbing. While i was at KFC to grab a coke and gravy at KK during midnight, i sat down with this local and we hanged. He kinda talked too fast so i kept saying “huh? apa?” until i gave up and just went “uhuh.. iakah? ohh”. We chatted abt me from Belait and he mentioned going to KB to “…antar perempuan”. Most of his sentences drifted to sending girls. Then i said what does he do and he said “aku pim”. I went went “ohh.. iakah?” until later it hit me. OHH PIMPP!. Well, he has a thing with his eye, he dresses funny and he’s eating at midnight at kfc alone. He was not the kind of pimp that television has painted into my mind. Maybe he was a minimum wage pimp sending his foxy grandmama everywhere. I went not long after because he seemed to be hinting me. blerghh. mihirr.



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