Holidays A’ Coming

Holiday. (;

I’m pretty psyched for the upcoming holidayy. why? I’m going to Manukan island, Sabah.

Pulau Manukan, Sabah

marine life, Pulau Manukan

Even though i have an exciting holiday coming, I’m not as excited at how quick it is we’re coming to October. Can’t really believe it’s June already. I’m also not that excited about my Birthday as well because well.. this year my birthday reflects the fact that It’s more than halfway until my ‘O’ levels. My siblings won’t be home too at the time and I’ve got my
June exams going on so I’ll just celebrate some other time i guess. My birthdays don’t really bring down the house FYI. Maybe just spend it eating potato chips while watching an episode of veronica mars? thats quite fun. Sureeeee, spending your birthday during your O levels, on a weekday, with everyone not at your side & single might make you all pity cry yourselves dry to sleep but i find things like a smile from a close friend or a beautiful view or even a deep heart to heart conversation to be enough to make my day. I can be low maintenance when i want to.

The most annoying thing about my so called ‘day’ is that during me birthday eve at 11.59 pm, my credit will be ohh at ard $5-20 but then a minute later when those text messsages starts to flood,


Hilang tiaaa my credit semuaa. Ironically, it seems that DST loves me enough to charge my annual fee exactly on my birthday. How nicee. j:

oh well. My credit expired already a few days ago so that won’t be much of a problem this year. I don’t really see
why us people see in the term sweet sixteen though. Unlike in the states and some western countries, 16 is not the legal driving age and unlike some most western countries, sex doesn’t get legalized at 16. Overall.. this is just one of those things us Asians adopted without even knowing the origin of this whole sweet sixteen trend. so is 16 really sweet? um….. notsomuch. You wanna know what’s really sweet? Kristen Bell’s eyes. (;



5 thoughts on “Holidays A’ Coming

  1. thankss. i enjoyed my holiday alright. (;
    sorry about taking a blogging off time suddenly. internet being gay and it seems as though i can’t get a hold of a good connection these past 2 weeks. pfft.
    and i lost my camera at manukan so no pictures. aww poo.

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