KoKo Kan’t Krunch

I think i gained like 10 kilos!

haha. i think i keep telling everyone thatt as though it’s something to be proud of. in like… more or less a week i’ve ate Pizzas, some sushis, doughnuts, cakes, grill, tom yam, pizzas, soto, pizza, cheese sticks, apples, sugared guavas, martabak, love & indomee. I kinda barfed a little in my mouth yesterday when my mum offered me some oilyy food you find at the night stalls.

Oh. Saturday night was Bash’s birthday dinner. How fast we kids grow. hmm.. (;

someone is older than me (;

i am the one hugging Faez in the most mocho-est of way.

ohh. And it seems that wearing khakis, a black collared tee and a hoodie really makes me look thinn. at least that’s what i was able to deduce from everyone’s reaction. haha apakan. my mum told me not to go on a diet which i am not aware i am on and my brother told me i am anorexic because i refuse to check me weight for almost half a year now. maybe partially anorexic but nah. not really.

And i noticed this little thing todayy. Chocolate makes your teeth go bye byee.

No teeth? baru besttt!

Look at that koko krunch look alike you find on the Choki box. can you tell the hidden message being shown here? Either theyre telling us chocolates are bad for our teeth or Chocki choki’s target consumers are people with no teeth who continues to eat chocolates. wow. Either they’re realy smart or they’re pretty dumb.

i grabbed the picture bash. thanks. (:



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