Not long before 5am curfews.


eh. im deprived of the laptopp. sorry i haven’t been posting anything for awhile. most of my ‘O’ level exams are overrr. only thing left is english this 3RD JUNE. (:

My brother told me his bday gift for me was gonna be a plane ticket! it was supposed to be to KK. it would be kinda like a ‘Home Alone 2’ experience as i would most likely be on my own most of the time fending for myself from baddies as it’s just gonna be me and brother.

Today though, me and me brother decided to go to this island somewhere in Sabah. there would be waves, snorkelling, sun, sand, babes and all those things you would find at an island resort. :j

babess~ droolss* haha. apakann. i’m posting from my phone on wifi which explains why this post is kinda stale and i can’t figure out how to upload pictures. pffft. some other time then? (:

ohh. And today is Baby Bash basyirah’s bday! She’s one of 2 of my friends i kept with me since i was a wee todler. i can still remember us sitting side by side in kindergarden. She was the cute, quiet, , caring, seductive type too 10 years ago. *wink wink. eheh. Anyway, a BIGGGG happy birthday to the pretty scottish-eyed chick who lives 2 houses away from me. Hi Bashh!

Here we go. Finally i found out how to upload. Im posting these because i haven’t posted any pictures i took in a long time.

XDAiis makes great mirrors.



something green.


okayy. this is the best thing i got so far. haha. lame.


Xdaiis makes great phones.





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