you say im gay but your mum thinks im cool.

Some people search for weird things on the net (;

some searches that linked to my blog.

If i start swearing in my posts, the list would contain more effed up dirty searches. pervs. haha. No offense if any of you did any of the the above searches though (;
as long as your intentions are pure then you’re always welcome here.
Okayy. I’m just posting this to procrastinate studying for my O level Dmaths1 and BM1&2 tomorrow but seriously.. what kind of weird fetish involves a pink model taking a piss in the toilet?

Alexa Chung IS panasss. so truee. I have a hugee thing for her eyes as well as the fact that she’s a vegetarian. that’s a turn on. that was random much. buh byee.


3 thoughts on “you say im gay but your mum thinks im cool.

  1. lol! braces aint nerdy! only cool people would think braces are coool! :p
    i heard the maths paper was easy today. hahah. goodluck for malay krg. woots wootts.

    *belajar bersungguh-sungguh dalam subjek bahasa melayu ini supaya awak boleh datang ke Maktab Duli dan belajar dengan saya.

    HAHAHHA. my attempt to speak standard malay. God, it’s soound so gay. lol. jgn d ketawakan. haha. ohh, dont forget to paste your reply back in my cbox psal malasku balik2 dtg sini untuk men-check-kan whether you replied. =)


  2. yeaa. it was easyyy. im targeting an A for my Maths. Bm …was the usual “okey lahh”.

    “kalau saya mempertingkatkan pelajaran saya si Maktab Duli, engkau wajib melayan saya setiap hari dengan baik kerana saya tidak mau seorang diri seperti lozer ketika disana. sekian terima kasih.”
    my attempt (:

    Braces gives a person character and individuality (:
    -“kau kenal fahmi?”
    -“fahmii manakan?”
    -“fahmi braces tu wahh. yang giginya bling bling warna yellow, white,black and red macam Brunei flag wah. nda kan nda kenal.”

    *highlights, right click, click*
    *clicks, type “welo”, down, enter, click, right click, click, enter*

  3. LOL. goodluck. (:

    *boleh, asalkan awak tidak komplain tentang servis yang saya akan menawarkan untuk awak. (is that even correct? lol.) di dalam bahasa melayu standard tidak wujud perkataan ‘mau’ dan ‘lozer’. :p

    hahaha. nope it doesnt. it just makes it that much easier to describe a certain someone. take for example, yours.

    and andddd, apatu right click this that? HHAHA. bangangku eh. HTML codes kah? HAHHA. :p

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