11th may.

I did nothing special today.
Gave my mum a self crafted mother’s day card and cleaned up some dirrty rooms.
My gift to mum i guess. (;

I found this picture when i was going through my picture gallery.
i took it to test out this camera the day before Dec camp last year. never glanced twice at it until now.
I wish there was vege’ brain food. i cant seem to put much thought into anything these days. i even failed my BM. whats up with that…? failing a core subject is a big no no. recently i took like a whole minute just to think of the word ‘eccentric’. i was like..
” sense of style nya macam.. uhh.. unique camtuu ..macam atubah.. *some time later* eccentric lah ku kan ngata tadi! pfft”
This scene always makes me happy. actually… this SHOW makes me happyy.
i love this episode.
sleep tight &
dont let the bed bugs put their foot in your ass. (;

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