Hikmat Gorilla bebulu emas 18 petala langit! YAHH!!

Hello everyonee. Am feeling much better noww. Letting bygones be bygones.

people.. IM HOOKED! So teacher has been telling me i should read more
books written in Bahasa Melayu and such because unlike my oral malay, my written malay sucks hardd. And i had to take the easy way
out and started reading bahasa melayu written comic books. hehehe. there i started WIRA
TUNGGAL!! wuushhhh!

We have a reading corner at the back where we
have loads of newspappers, Gempaks, Utopias and TEEN magazines all
dating back to ard 2005. I picked up the first edition of Wira Tunggal
and i saw this scene….

“Anjing kurap! Ajal mu dah sampai!”

If not for this comic i wouldn’t have know what ajal means (:

The page on the left shows this guy named ‘Harimau Kumbang’ squeezing someone so hard that he just literally explodes. haha. awesome shit no? You won’t find shit like this in marvel comics. eheh.. To think these magazines were published 10 years ago during the 90s. I love the drawings as well as the plotting. Reminds you of dragon ball whereas here.. the power of an attack is measured in ‘petala langit’ or ‘petala neraka’ which might reach up to 50 or above. From what i know there are only 7 petala langit and neraka. haha. hebatt kan?. And the names of the attacks are effing funnyy.
here are some other panels from the mag.

Damn straight you need a ”cupp’! This guy’s Zuriat just turned to cincau. yummeh!

“Unless you want this finger up your ass, i suggest you piss off!” – my translation

Just like in DragonBall, the people lovee their dragons and dinosaurs.

The girl on the left seems to be dominating.(;

Other than reading comic books, I’ve been playing this awesome game too. I terribly recommend you playy. haha. Such a nerd I’ve been lately.
I’ll post something good soon rightt. I think i strained my brain cells to the point where they start becoming idle and lazy as i can’t really think of anything these days. aww poo.

Oh and Happy blated Bday to Anne!!
and happy Advance bday to Megann!



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