possibly Coccidia.

Alot of you might already know this but i love Sundays very much. This Sunday is damn straight gorgeous but its just so hard to enjoy your day after dropping off your rabbit at the vet. ):

Alot of shitty things have happened lately and I’ve refrained myself from posting them as to prevent myself from bumming you all out but i feel like should voice this..

Hunnybun always loves the warmth of the laptop

Hunnybun has intestinal parasites! I feel to blame. Coccidia i think is what it’s called and it screws with the rabbit’s G.I. Comes from hay which is not dried enough as to kill the parasites enough. It bloats the rabbit’s stomach or whatnot and may lead to difficulty in breathing.

Crap eh, I didn’t dry them enoughh! Am pretty sure it’s not the virus thats said to be going ard Brunei and killing the pets. Currently Hunnybun is with Dr. Mamdoh and lets just hope the phone call this afternoon from him will bring in good luck.

pleasee pray to god that she’ll come out fine people. Or just wish it if you’re not that kind of person. It means alot to me.

and I’ll just be appearing offline today. buh bye



2 thoughts on “possibly Coccidia.

  1. well um.. My rabbit diedd… uhuh.
    I was so terribly bummed but then i forced myself to be optimistic.
    i don’t wanna be down so lets just think happy thoughts.
    thanks. it’s not really a 100% original idea as it’s been done before but yea. terima kasih.
    other than that… nothing much is really up i guess. j:

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