Out of my head, please?

new look for the blog. you like?

I always felt pretty claustrophobic while i was using the previous
theme so yea. Went for a more ‘free’ theme and created the header
above in more or less 30 mins so please dont criticize my lame
photohopping skills. Mind you, im not photoshop savvy. I like it anyway
as i prefer simplicity. Quality over quantity huh.
Tell me if you likey alright ;j
I think my self esteem could use a bit of an encouragement by now. haha.
So on with the post.

I’ve been keeping track of the expansion on B.Mobile & DST onto the ISP business and this is EXACTLY what I’ve been hoping for since B.Mobile opened its doors a few years back. DST and B.Mobile has been in this arms race for some time now and now BruNet has been pulled into all this. woohoo. This could only mean improvement in the quality of the Internet. have you ever wiki’d Brunei? yes, I’m that jobless. neways let me quote this sentence from this article which reads..

Brunei’s internet service is monopolized by a recently corporated company TelBru under their “BruNet” department. ADSL speeds range from 512 kbit/s to the maximum speed of 1 Mbit/s through ADSL
broadband. 1 Mbit/s was only recently introduced in 2006 and priced at
BND$308 per month (Equivalent to Singapore currency). It is known that
the Brunei’s broadband ranging from 512 kbit/s to 1 Mbit/s is one the
most expensive in the world. The limited market in Brunei means that
development in the telecommunications sector is stagnant. Currently
only about 11000 users out of a population of 380,000 have any
connection to the Internet.”

So as you can read for yourself, Brunet has been leeching on us for sometime now and i can bet my life that Brunet will feel the pressure soon as they haven’t any backup revenue to rely on unlike the other two to fall on so let us hope that any improvement will be up and about pretty soon. yeaa, I don’t wanna go through the hassle of changing service providers currently. Maybe in a couple of months if i feel like it.

okay!! Geek time overr please. (:

People, Im feeling realyyyyy awfully guilty!
you know how i mentioned the girl i used to have a thing with who’s transferring?
Okay, let me just briefly fill you in on the whole thing aightt.

Her name is Syahirah(Erah) and we were kinda matchmaked by this chick i know.
had a thing with her but mind you, im not some sort of um… boytoy.
i know we weren’t exclusive but i didn’t wanna get attached with a girl who wasn’t interested in commitment as i tend to look ahead so i kinda burned our bridge after she left hints about another guy.
I deleted her MSN and i didn’t spend my afternoon with her anymore. “She prob has loads of other guys to fall back on” i thought to myself.
Now after more or less a month, i’ve been seeing her ard now.
Saw her the other day after practical but i tried hard not making eye contact and yeaa.. i succeeded as i thought it be better to just pull the plug in one go.
I saw her with my teacher and she told me she was transferring and i was fine with that as things would go alot smoother.
My friend has also been asking abt me and her and i’ve just been stalling
Then today during drama class, the girl who matchmaked us told me Erah was trying to say goodbye to me for the last time the other day as she misses me. I felt like a jackass so i wanted to tell her sorry and whatnot.
then… she told me Erah wasn’t in Brunei anymore. She moved to Canada not long before that because of some family problems which i am sorry to say that i was aware of.
I’m such an asshole.
Anyway Erah, i doubt you’ll be reading this anytime soon but yeaa.. im sorry. I’ve been such a guy lately. pfft. Hope youre doing okay up there anyway babe. Thanks for the good times we had even though they weren’t all that out of the ordinary. bye. *waves*

Fahmii out*



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