“..But the kid is not my son!”

I seriously did badly on my Amaths yesterday. I didn’t even bothered studying my Amaths because i know i’ll do badly so i just concentrated studying my Bio which by the way, i think i nailed deep.
I thought to myself. i could either do badly on both or excel in my bio and still do badly on my Amaths. so i did what my heart told me to which was to earn my keep in the bio field.
while everyone was busy finding the value of X, i was busy humming to Michael Jackson- Billie Jean.
“tam tum tum tam tam tum tum tum AUUuu!” great song.
hee. but lets not fret. I’ll go and do better next time okayy.

Hot nurse-“doctor doctor! These hoS are going to die in around 20 minutes unless you do an emergency tumor extraction session!”

doctor-“Ohh My Godd. okay, I’ll get right on it… right after i find the chances of survival of all them cows. hm… if one male ho takes 3 minutes and females take 5 minutes, only restriction is i can only do the females in one go and the males in another go then.. um.. the permutation is um…10P2 +400C5 – 40G5. *thinks thinks*so that must mean dy/dx of the graph of survival is -1/2 so the equation of the line is f(x)=4+3X.. where F(5)=67T where T is a constant. hence, the value of lg5P is equal to 3T – lne. Thus the maxima value is equal to Q + C. “

Hot nurse-“pfft. You’re a effin fag! you nerdd. Why did i even sleep with you.”

As you can see, Amaths is an essential part of being a doctor as well as any other job you fantasized as a kid i.e. lawyer, fireman, pilot, police and astronaut. To hell with common sense and logic, Amaths is the yellow brick road to follow to success.
at least this is what my Amaths teacher told me. “If you exzel is Additionel marts, You will get a march march higher charnce of getting the skolaersheep
wise words right? maybeee not correctly pronounced… but still wisee. eheheh(:



9 thoughts on ““..But the kid is not my son!”

  1. eheh. i love Dmaths as it’s soo easy but Additional maths gets pretty redundant at times. I dont wanna say i hate Amaths because i cant hate a subject that i wanna at least do good in it. haha. its bad psychology for my fragile mind.

    they say we young people don’t have a strong enough mindset on our future career so might as well give us Amaths to be an all rounded asset as it would apply in many ‘engineering’ jobs. which they think we’re all interested in. pfft. nahh.. i dont even know what engineers truly do in general.
    unless it means i can cross breed a cat and a dog, then it doesn’t really catch me eye.
    eheh. which sounds cooler,
    a cog or a dat? (;

  2. my link has changed cause some horny pornstar/fuckers took my link. (:

    in regarding to the matter about maths, neither is easier for me. i find both really hard and tough. “hate” is a strong word, no? hahha. but like yeah, maths and i just dont get along well and that means both add. maths and d maths.(: we never seem agree on the same thing. that’s why our answers differs from time to time. and i totally agree about the psychological theory on how hating a subject just makes you not want to study them and in the end failing it. tsk tsk.

    my mind has always been set and i do see how maths and fashion can somehow become an item.

    “oh. to find the length of that particular material, i think you have to use this formula which is squareroot of (x1-x2)2 + (y1-y2)2. and thus, the answer gives you 32.4567038475 and when rounded off to 2 significant figures, it gives you 32cm.”

    “excuse me, there’s something called a ‘meter ruler’ and what meter ruler does is find the length of that skirt without all that x2 codes whatevs..”

    hahahha. you feel me? ;D

    engineering has nothing to do with cats and dogs now do they? unless you specify the field of engineering such as biochem, etc. i still prefer dogs to all those. HAHAHHA. i love my doggies. i dont want no idea species. ;D

  3. oh i feel ya. eheh.

    like if a hot guy asks you to take his measurements, dump the formulae and break out the measuring tape. haha.

    i used to think engineers are those people yang tukang usai kreta ah. haha. i was like..”why the hell do you wanna be that…?”

  4. uhuh. sheikh peer. :j
    I dont think i deserve credit on that really. Am sure it’s been thought of before. and shuckss.. thanks but i’m probably just smart in moderation. (:
    i just like to think i have my own qualities is all.

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