Can’t you hear your great-grandchildrens screaming?

This post is dedicated to our home, our country, our planet.

People, I don’t really blame any petty organizations in Brunei much for being inactive. Unless you’re linked to the government or some majorly important persons or have a vast majority of members which in the case of Brunei’s ignorant small population, it’s hard to progress.
I know i should be thankful to this country and i am but it’s kind of ironic because this country strives by destroying our planet earth via oil oil oil.
I like to think of this world as a kind of matrix. We’re stuck here following our culture and mislead world leaders but there are some people who are liberated from ‘the System’ and have found to know how damaged and uncannily 180 degrees from nature the world is. To them, the sky is dark and life is at it’s brink. They are the ones who can hear 3-4 generations in the future yelling “What are you doing?!”

I can’t say I’m proud to live in an oil country now but seriously the people here in Brunei are ignorant of everything. Have your school teacher ever talked against the Oil industry in Brunei? not probably. The most is that they will say oil will run out in due time but that’s just selfish thinking of us. We don’t really consider the impact it has on our planet as a whole but only ourselves. I can honestly say the fire that burns night and day at the oil plant thingy gives me chills. Everyone owns a car, every room requires air conditioning, Everything is subsidized by the government from housings to food to hospital bills and alot of things which has blinded us Bruneians from facing the problems needed to be faced by the people living in this dark hours. I’m not surprised that they found a big hole in the ozone layer above Brunei. It’s just predicted.

The easiest and foremost step to solving a problem is realising and understanding it.
Brunei has won ‘the greatest race on earth’ and hopefully it’s a sign of progress so don’t all of you get offended as i know there are other people like me out there who actually use less and turns off the air-conditioning as well as turn off all the lightings. I salute you.This is especially so in the younger generations.
But the term ‘ignorance is bliss’ can still be easily be applied to this country.
Do you worry much other than the increase in grocery bills and such.
Are you aware that people in Thailand aren’t getting enough rice because they’re importing most to people like us? Um… not so much. We just care about the opening of the new franchise supermarket place. how quaint.
Billboards are getting more common in Brunei and i have yet seen one promoting a greener planet in one form or another or at least here in western Brunei. If i were to drive around randomly i think i could easily name the most common billboards which are HSBC, DST group, B mobile, faces of his royal Highness and Toyota. Can this be a conspiracy? In a way i think so.
If we all started opening our eyes, we would start lashing at the gov who has “green planet” fairly low on their priority list whereas it should be in their top 3 priorities.
Everyone is in bliss. Everyone is Ignorant. I am a Bruneian
citizen, see me look the other way.

Tackle Climate Change

In my opinion, climate
change is the most important issue facing humanity. We are on course to
causing damage of almost unimaginable proportions to the planet, its
flora and fauna, and future generations (and our own). If we don’t
prevent this, history will judge us harshly indeed.

If you aren’t part of the solution to climate change, then you are part of the problem;
and at the moment, almost all of us are part of the problem. To be part
of the solution, there are many things that you can (and probably
should) do, but here are two fundamental ones: 1. Educate yourself; and 2. Act.

too late for climate change to be be averted by the impressive efforts
of a few ‘green’ individuals and companies. The only way we can prevent
it is with a huge global movement. Be part of that global movement.
Strive to make yourself as environmentally aware and active as you can.
You can help in many different ways, but know this: to be truly
environmentally responsible will take considerable sacrifice on your
part – there are no magically effortless solutions or short cuts.

Through the words of my geography teacher, “PUBLIC EDUCATION”.
so do you pick the red pill or the blue pill?
thank you all for your time.

note: Stephen hawkings is my new role model. The most inspirational person aliveee.
and yeaa. The gov might be keeping an eye on me now. hahaha. Booya, I’m a threat to national security and yess i just watched the Documentary 11th hour which has given me this source of motivation. laterrr



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