Bye bye birdie );

today i had a date with the shovel. ):

yes. someone died. mother nature went and took it’s course and took away one of the chicks. I named it Syahid. translate to martyr in english. FYI, its the brown chick.

The three siblings chicks with mother at the back.

Came from school this pm to find little brown all alone in the corner. thought it was dead at the moment but realised it was still alive. kesiann wahh. after some basic checking, i found that it’s neck patah. ): Wasn’t a pretty sight i tell you. Everyone kept making nugget jokes and sheet. It pissed me off knowing noone cared you know. so then i went straight and covered it in a towel and sat her next to some light to act as a source of heat even though it might not have been as good as setting her outside in the sun.

i had to support it’s head wah. sad little thing.

Some super fast googling and researching gave me no hope as all the sites just told me to put the lil guy down and out of it’s misery. i tried dipping it’s beak in water so it would drink but it would start spasming as they would usually tilt their head up to drink but with a broken neck, how could it?

always missed.

I gave up on the internet as i knew i had precious little time with the lil chick. Either try my best and savour its last moments or let it die while i sit infront of the pc. The latter sounds much worse. tried feeding it but it doesn’t want to eat. it kept panting tho. constantly opening its beak ajar wide enough so that you could see it’s tiny tounge gasping for air. i tried supporting it’s head by making some sort of doohickey but i knew i had no time. The thought of putting it down myself even came to mind once or twice as i couldn’t bear to see it suffer. ARGHH was this whole thing stressful.

final minutes of its short-lived life.

this picture was taken seconds before it died. );

After the above picture was taken, Syahid started to open it’s eyes. I thought it was feeling better at the moment it started to try to get up eventhough it was no use. things were starting to look good at the time but then it hit me!! the chick punya nyawa sedang kana cabutt!! It brought me to tears you know. and noo. I’m not afraid to admit that it did. It doesn’t bruise my ego or whatnot when i say that as when something dies right infront of your eyes, you don’t need to act all macho and manly. It’s a given you’d feel sad and such. Embrace your feeling. Don’t go in denial.

Syahid was staring right at me as her countdown reached 0.00. It’s legs were erect and it’s head pointing straight up making her seem twice as long. It’s glistening eyes were wide wide open and a few seconds later they started to droop and it’s body became less tense. It wasn’t a nice thing to experience being only inches away. i knew then and there that Syahid died. crap did that bring tears to one’s eyes. it was then and there that i called her as my own and named it Syahid. i wanted to go and sex the chick because it might be female but i prefer not to do any harm to the lil guy. Let’s just say Syahid is short for Syahidah if things go the other way.

Anyway, i know this is a depressing post. If you read the whole thing and feel pity, don’t. Be optimistic. I’ve started the moving on process already. I’ve got loads of other animals to take care of and even two other chicks i now feel compelled to make sure live long and happy. Sorry if i got anyone down with this post. I’ll post something livelier soon to make up for this one so yeaa. Inallilah for Syahid. A tiny chick might me looking after me now so lets start looking up :j

Here lies Syahid. Martyr. Mr.Brown. The Asian



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