I am educated.

This is a post of all the things this kid learned these past few days or so. I learned a lot but most are just trivial (:

  1. If you work for any big private companies, You’re blacklisted from working with the Government.
  2. Flight attendants are HOT.
  3. If a person works as a flight attendant or such, any siblings under 18 and both parents get to travel by paying just 10%.
  4. If you’re a flight attendant, a zit will get you grounded for 2 weeks with no pay.
  5. If you’re a flight attendant, you are alwayss at all times supposed to know what to do and is never expected to ask your senior for advice.
  6. If you’re a flight attendant, you are thought how to groom yourself and if anyone in the industry catches you being improper even outside work, you WILL be marked.
  7. Dubai is an awesome placeee.
  8. Some teachers are as blurred as we are.
  9. Never put any school contrabands in the school provided lockers because FYI, they have key copies too.
  10. A’s and distinctions are cool but it doesn’t make up for the fact that studying at home and having no friends make you a loser.
  11. Some ‘friends’ will get pissed if you look the other way and hang out with your other friends even if you meet your ‘friends’ everyday and only see your other friends once in a while.
  12. Girls just wanna have fun (;
  13. avoid pleaded pants as they are not cool.
  14. Never hesitate to get pissed at your little siblings as if you don’t ‘tagur’, then they’d just do it all over again.
  15. Little siblings usually thinks your friends are really cool.
  16. I realized i didn’t pay much attention in Add maths last year. :j
  17. Flight attendants are always hot.
  18. When ditching school, just say its a family emergency. It’ll shut the teacher up. Don’t specify what kind of emergency tho.
  19. The color of the sun is white, not yellow. It just seems yellow from earth.
  20. First impressions are the most important. If your first impression is great and your second, third and such aren’t as much, then you will usually be remembered from your first impression.
  21. Trends will get you fame among your peers but those few people with REAL personalities and qualities can see through your act. Trends come and go. You’re unoriginal.
  22. When hamsters are in heat, They stink like fuckk. Even for those with a weak sense of smell like me.
  23. You can replace good memories with newer ones so keep reminiscing so you’ll never forget.
  24. Most girls like seniors. Some girls like mysterious guys.
  25. You don’t need to sleep for 12 hours to get a good night sleep. My body wakes itself up after 6-7 hours of sleep.
  26. When life gives you shit, use it to grow some flowers. – words of a wise friend. hello (:

26 things i learned about life! That’s more than what i can say i learned in class. hee (:
Anything that has to do with flight attending i learned from Yatie, a former stewardess on Friday. ;j
It’s Sunday morning and i just had a mega headrush a moment ago from rushing to watch the sunrise and now i need to take a dump as i’m feeling pretty diarrhea-ish.
so laterrr friends ku and goodmoaning~



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