where animals come from.

Remember these pictures i posted sometime ago?


Recently they went through some changes and are now….

kittenss chicks.jpg

pussies and chicks! What more could i ask for. (:

hahahahahaha. I mean that in a non perverted way FYI .

Out of the three, I called a tabby cat.

The first 2 kittens were born ard 5pm but the 3rd kitten was born almost a day later!

I think our cat needs a C-section operation soon as her belly still seems large and IF there’s still a kitten in there, it might kill her and the kitten both. Anybody willing to perform a cesarean on a cat? I’m not qualified. poo.

The chicks are damn cutee. Altogether there were 3 chicks. A black chick, a white chick and a brown chick. hahaha. Paloii muchh. I can’t pick favorites or i think it might mean I’m racist. hahahaha. Anyway, as you all might have noticed, School has started and i need to spend time hitting the books as my Midyear Exams are in 2 weeks. pfft. I’ll try to post ard 2 or 3 times a week. Insyaallah. (:

so i need to get up early tomorrow so gnight boys and girls.



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4 thoughts on “where animals come from.

  1. it’s not white but yellow actually.. so we got a chinese chick, a malay chick and ummm… an indian chick? the three types of asians.

    btw my disclaimer mentions…

    Also, everything that appears on this blog belongs to me unless stated otherwise. If you would like to use anything, I suggest you let me know in the comment box below.

    you stealing lozar! huhu.

  2. haha. But in the bird world, yellow will usually turn white lahh. macam dalam cartoons, 1 white mum and 5 yellow chicks. :j
    and i did mention grabbing your photos to you face to face. ptuii.

    and yeaa, i’d pick brown too. (:

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