Fishies not hungry?

hello peeps.
Went to Anduki yesterday. Caught no fishies but i wasn’t so disappointed because of it. mind you, I don’t eat fish.
So yeaa, i just came to relax and bask in the greatness that is the lake. But it’s pretty hard to do that when your brothers keep making alot of noise a few meters away. haha. such noobs nda pandai memancing. We saw alot o fishies but they just kept nibbling on the bait and fleeing. pooo. smart fishes.

morning breeze.

Oh yeaa, I’m not so sure there’s an alligator at Anduki as we spent the whole morning there and i kept searching for one. If memory serves me right, Crocs and Alligators bask in the morning so yeaa.. Unless proven otherwise, I don’t really think no modern dinosaur lives there. haha. And people di Brunei ni ahh, Likes to gossip about everything weather it’s true or not.

“apa!? ada hantu di KB town? bohh! karang ku gitau anakku supaya ia nda melepak sana lagi malam malam.”

I dress to impress mermaids.

more pictures at my friendster album

noo. I didn’t photoshop the pictures. I don’t need to when my camera does it for me already. hahaha.
funky o2 camera algorithms. Making the trees look like paper. pfft.

crapp. Tomorrow i start school again. I’m so lazy to be doing my school day routine again. I need something to break the habit. I need to find a muse at AAC! Someone i can shapen and handle carefully so and mold into a beautiful and awesome person. Possibly a chick. hahaha. We’ll see if i can squeeze in a reflection of my perfect someone into my life. I barely have enough time for myself let alone another person. ARGH! I need to study. Why is it Gemini that loses interest in uninteresting things quickly? I blame my date of birth for my procrastination. hee (:

I should be doing my homework now and head off to bed. Well at least before 1 ‘O’Clock so night night peoplee.
sleeptight and don’t let the bed bugs put their foot up your ass. ;j



2 thoughts on “Fishies not hungry?

  1. exactly. i searched high and low for any signs of them but kapuut. nadaa. pfft. and i wanted to tackle me first gator.

    It’s prob because there’s nothing else to do here. When people are bored, they talk and when they talk they start to let their mind run free and then they start talking jibberish and then they gossip and make rumors. these get passed along other bored people until we got ourselves a new old wives tale. hahaha. my theory saja.

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