Nooo. I’m not biased yaw, I Macindows see.

Let me start off by saying HAPPY BDAY ZIQAH! eheh.
The older you get, the hotter you are in everyone’s eyes.

Today i just feel like showing off my desktop! Mind you, I invested Alot of time into customising my pc to make it look just purrrfect~
ohh yeaa. I’m one of those people who envies the mac’s user interface so i kinda adopted it onto my pc.
purty purty clickables. hee.

items visible:

  1. Object Bar w/ tiger theme (replacement Taskbar at the top)  – shareware
  2. RKLauncher leopard inspired (shortcut dock at the bottom)  -freeware
  3. Avedesk  -freeware

         -FTP uploader( drag and drop)
         -Recycling bin badge( GH icon)
         -My Computer badge ( Macbook icon)

    4. Yahoo Widgets -freeware

         -memory gauge(bottom left)
         -Sun(bottom right; only appears during daytime, moon appears during nighttime; moves across the screen according to the position of the sun & moon)
         -Picture Frame(top left)
         -Gmail monitor
         -LadyBug(moves randomly across the desktop; named it the beetle of lovee)

I ❤ my MAC PC!

Winexpose, a clone of the mac’s Expose which brings up all your
windows all at once. It’s de bombb!

I get all the beauty of a mac along with the flexibility of a PC. Don’t you love it?
haha. so go on! google google google.
Oh. Anyone willing to help me with FTP? I’d be dead on grateful. (:

I’m going to Anduki Tomorrow morning again FYI. Me brothers wanna go fishing catch&release soo gnight dudes and dudettes.



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