life of a roach.

Once upon a time, there lived a cockroach named Mr.Cock.
a pretty cockroach he was. Loves to help his friends with their homework, helps the old cockroach across the street and volunteer for charity work for the orphans as his parents have also died on him when he was still an egg.

Cock is a real ladies roach. They all faint in his presence both cockroach & human.
Don’t believe me? Ask yo mama. He has 2 perfectly groomed feelers that are to die for and 6 mighty strong legs that has saved him from many near death experiences. He has also won ‘fastest marathon flyer’ in his childhood days last week.

One day, Cock was playing in this field with his friends when a little boy named Tongkat Ali came with his mother to have a picnic. Cock’s friends wanted to head home where it’s safe but
cock wanted to meet this human boy because he thought the kid looked sweet and nice.

So the two friends had the best time of their lives that day at the park. they went kite flying, garbage diving, girl hunting and other various activities that you would expect a cockroach and a kid would do together. Late that afternoon when the boy was about to go home he decided to bring Cock home with him so he hid him in his back pocket where his mother won’t see it.

Cock then died of lack of oxygen inside the pocket when the boy sat on him. what a sad sad day it was for the boy and the cockroach.

The boy was about to bury Roach in his garden when he suddenly had an idea.
he decided to give Roach the kiss of life..

and it worked! after giving it CPR for 2 straight hours, Cock suddenly came to life and they became closer than everr. You can see Cock’s smile from a mile away. they lived happily for the while.
life was good for the boy who had a new friend and Cock who had a caring and loving sugardaddy.

Somedays later, the kid’s mother was cleaning the boy’s room when she saw the cockroach and yelled!!
She then got the insect repellant and sprayed it all over Cock. she looked like a lion unleashed trying to catch her prey. Cock got sprayed and was dying.

Minutes later, Cock died for sure. But he wasn’t sad. noo he wasn’t.
He realised he had a new set of wings that are alot more fabulous than his original pair.
“OMG! I’m DEAD! & im totally awesomee yaw!” said Cock.

He was a pretty angely Cockroach. He always wanted to be as gay as a butterfly and this is just as good. He was happy and was in bliss. Here he also fulfilled his deepest wish which was to meet his parents. he died happy and lived happily ever after.


Illustrated by fahmii & Aimee

update: Link to Faris’s blog fixed. typo in the address. sorryy. hee

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