Do you have what it takes?

To be a successful roof walker or what i like to call a ‘roofer’, hehe you need certain skills.

and when i say successful, i meant you won’t berguling guling gugur dari atap and kepala masuk lungkang.

  1. BALANCE. You need a cetain sense of balance. your feets will most probably be in a diagonal position most of the time so you need to always know where is directly up.
  2. AIR ATTACK. You need cat like reflexes. For some reason, some birds will circle you and squack whenever they see you above the ground ie.roof so beware of the birdy bum bombs!
  3. STEALTH. You need stealth as most roof will make this noisy ‘thuck’ sound if you step on any bad areas. If you do step on these areas, don’t be surprised if the cops come over to your place because someone reported a burglar on the roof. if yes, then you’re screwed.
  4. PLAN B. You should ALWAYS have ard 2 windows open because well.. us people like to close opened windows and buka aircon. am i right or am i right?
  5. I </3 CANCER. You need sun block! or at least a hood because it can get seriously hot sometimes which brings me to number 6
  6. LAVA WALK. Unless you lost your sense of excruciating face melting pain, ALWAYS bring some kind of feet protection. If you’re on the roof and the sun is starting to heat up quick, get your fluffly soft slippers ready or prepare to jump around the roof with feelings of crucial pain running through your feet and thus either getting someone to call the cops, falling down the roof into the lungkang and possibly suffer a broken neck or die from the deadly AingLungkang disease orrr most probably pengsan halfway to the unlocked window and waking up to find yourself to become hellboy Brunei Style.

My pair of feet heat insulator.
One of the best technological breakthrough since Ambuyat.

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