Audrey beach? oh… O.G beach. hee

you might wanna click here if you’re at my homepage and your Internet is lagging all due to to high amount of pictures due to the previous posts.

Today i was supposed to go jamming but this morning mei jun, faiz and them all invited me to the beach so i kinda umm… rain checked the jam (: cakap aku ada hal hari anii. eheh. sorryy.

“Fahmii! wanna come to the bitch?” said jun(yellow).
Koo’s(blue) giggle is adorable too tday. hee.

So after i redid the fridge( updated pictures on last post), i went to meet them all at Ideal so we could go to Pantai OG(seria talk for the beach behind OGDC).

but lookie who caught me not having a ‘hal’ to do today. haha.
Naufal and the stooges.

Akmal, Broy and Naufal came to OGDC after i rain checked to main chess stail shuffle.
hahaha. kedapatan yoo.

Akmal kaki-licin making his move. * 1 step forward, 2 steps sideward*

Broy is soo liquidd. This is his way of ‘makan’ ing his enemy.

After they interviewed me and my job as pempuang batu, I went off with Ajees, Faiz, Diane, Meijun and her very loyal tail to the beach.

kuat anginn!
Oh crapp. I forgot to put on me superman gel. Without it, i can’t look like Clark Kent with his rock hard hair. Damnn.

Ajees saving Mei Jun from the bad ol water. cute no?

Mei Jun’s (3rd from left) & Diane’s(2nd from left) entourage.

Me and Ajees so so tired.

Me and Mei Jun after the beach.

more pics i took today at my friendster album



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