my day in pictures.

Facebook deleted my account yaww. bitchhhh!
I’ve been warned though. pfft.
when i wrote my high school as St john, they kinda entered me in the St John high school network in Europe and told me to get someone from the network to verify me but dudeee, WTH? I don’t know anyone from friggin St john, Wales. I tried countless times but i couldn’t get rid of the verification thingy so i just ignored it. Sheeet was that a bad move.

Anyway Facebook, i won’t hold a grudge but please fix it before any other St Johner get the bootehh.
Damn bitchass SHITTY assbook! hahaha. okayy. NOWW i won’t hold a grudge. (:

I don’t wanna go through the motion of writing up my name, e-mail, age, boyfriend, favorite food, pet name and whatnot. Maybe one of you can do it for mee. Haha. Is the ‘M’ on my forehead obvious?

Anyway, here’s some random pics i took today and also pics of me paint spraying this shelf thing and TRYING to paint spray this old fridge. haaha

eye protection..check
mouth and nose protection..check
Am all ready to go paint sprayinggg.
couldn’t resist. hahaha

This turned out to be a lot better than the fridge.
Didn’t take an after picture of the fridge tho.

Mr. Reflecto

green, white &blue

some clouds puckered up for a kiss. thanks but no thanks. (;

dark clouds trying to kill the light.

i used to hold them as eggs. aww.

expecting chicks.

expecting kittens (:

it’s..*looks at sun* just after noon.

things i used to fix the gutter today.

the not no obviously leaking gutter.

smile like a child yaw. fluffy clouds.

Choki Rock binti Abdullah. hee (:

camwhore turtle.

Good news people! today Choki finally accepted me and my presence. She can now recognise me and now i can go and rub her neck and whatnot. haha. Woohoo. That’s why i took the chance to snap you her picture. Anyone interested in mating?update:
do you know how sometimes you try to throw out something that’s not in a plastic bag or bin, they don’t get picked up by the

this is my solution to all the things we cleared up yesterday.

there was also a note at the top but i didn’t take a picture of it. boo.

2nd update:

after morning pictures.

the skadar note above the styro.

After the spray painting didn’t go so well, i just Durex-ed the fridge.
it’s black noww. Taken during. You can see our prego cat.

and lookie what she did.

*barfff* a closer look on the vomit reveals what seemed to be..

grass! haha. sakit parut maybe or maybe this pregnancy this is giving her weird cravings?

Taken after. It’s not shinier but it’s better (;

Is it obvious that i need a new camera? haha. Wishlist people..wishlist.
anyway, I’ll write up a good wordy post some other time alright. I’m feeling too tired to think of words other than puppets, hand, who am i? & jumpfuck.
later peoplee.



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