Koopa Loompa

I had a silly long discussion about turtles today with me beloved Aimee. (:
here’s something to ponder about.

most of us have played the original super Mario bros game rightt. The one with
the awesome theme music but most of us failed to notice the amount of
freaked up turtles in the gamee. Seriously, it’s a turtle freak showw.

first we take a Koopa or better known as ‘the turtle’ of the game.

or better recognised as

sure it’s just a turtle but due to the koopa’s horniness & tendency to hump everything and everyone, this happens.

“yes son, your mother is an angel and is NOT a chicken”
and what happens if the Koopa humps its own mother?
you get the biggest baddest shitface turtle who’s horny for princesses.

I’m also part dragon as i can spit fire. gahhhh!!or better remembered as giant boss turtle Bowser

but who can blame him? have you looked at princess Peach?
wouldn’t you tap this?

If an OLD minimum-wage Italian guy who digs shit up drains for a living can win this chick, then so can youu.Oh, even Mario has a pet mutated turtle named Yoshi. remember him?


seee. The eyes, the nose, the hands, the tail. Yoshi is part turtle yaww. Would he be really pissed if he finds out he’s been wiping out his own people. Mario you bitch.and what happens when a ninja named Teriyaki came over to this Koopa’s party? they slipped the ninja some GHB, raped the shit out of him and got the ninja all pregnant and shit. After the ninja gave birth to quadruplets, he left them in the sewers where they grew up to become..

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

Againn. the nose, the eyes, the mouth and the tail. HAHA. At least they need not to worry about where they come from anymore. hahaha. So why not take a minute to appreciate the good and even the bad that has come out of the oh so silly Koopa as without them, Mario would still be digging up shit up drains right now.this post sucks. sue me.



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