petshop to anduki to petshop

let me tell you a story boys and girls. Once there was this malay kampung boy who had this phobia of bridges. He calls it phobia jambatan batu and there was one particularly near his home. Whenever a noisy truck passes the bridge, the boy would always glance in that direction and then he would fall down and suffer a seizure. After he got a little bit older, his mother brought him to this bomoh to try and cure his problem.
The bomoh then recited some verses and phrases and such and then he told the mother that his son will no longer have trouble with any bridges of any sort. a few days later when a truck pass the bridge, he had another seizure for suree. Both his mother and the bomoh were dumbstruck as to why and then the boy told them

“eh, aku bukannya ada masalah ngan jambatan atu lah makk. Tayar truck atu brandnya ‘bridge stone’ bahh. mun paham bisaii”

it’s a lame joke and you’ve probably heard of it. haha

you know what we bought today? an opal furred Syrian hamster! haha. all our hamster’s punya colour are getting dull. brown here, white there. bandits here, naked baby hamsters there. yawnn.
Went to the pet shop in seria today because me mum wanted 2 guppies. male and female. i also saw this purty Lionhead goldfish. i seriously wanted it. purtyy. maybe next week? haha.

i think she wants me to buy her. i fell in love with the goldfish.

After asking the bangang customer assistant guy about how to breed guppies, we decided to go to the lake at Anduki for funn. I was soo sakai because it was soo cool there. I’ve never been there per se but I’ve heard alot about the place. Especially about the place being haunted and that there’s a crocodile hiding in the lake. pfft. They’re the reason why I’ve never been there yaww.
There were squirrels and mudskippers and fishes and other things that kept bobbing their head at the surface of the water. There was also this field next to the lake that was soo cool. makes you feel like running around. haha. macam the dream Marty had at the beginning of the show madagascar! I’m definitely going there someday yaw. maybe go barefooted and just run aroundd. haha. Maybe also go natural and feel the wind on every inch of my body. mau join? wink wink. I think the field also reaches the shore so it must be gorgeous during the sunset. nantitah camping sana. Baru siukk. karang-karang disana rupanya all the ghosts and shit bekumpul. freakkyy shit. haha.

the haunted lake. boo!

a walk ard the lake.

it might not be obvious through my fugly ass cam but the sun looked gorgeous.

pretty sky.

my brother Faiz making his ‘sin chan’ face.


Overall i think the lake is gorgeous! give it a little work and it could be tremendously someplace i would go during my weekends. just don’t forget to bring your crocodile repellant and ayat kursi just in case. haha.

After that, we went to Ling Ling’s pet store in KB where we got our new hamster. Was fun looking at the fishies but the turtles there had white patches on their shells. poor lil guys. i think this calls for some animal cruelty rescuing. haha.

tiny furballs.

shiny tiny fishes. Couldn’t recall the name.

I’m deciding to release choki2 at Anduki maybe if i can’t find her an owner. but i wanna get her pregnant first before setting her free there. If in 20 years, you find the lake filled with happy turtles. Don’t forget to give me credit. haha

I’ve got class tomorrow morning and i don’t wanna miss it. These days, missing one class will set your studies way behind. pfft. I’ve also got this letter i need to write for my english teacher so i better start now.
chances are I’m gonna spend half the night on the address . haha. English teachers are so fun.

#666, spg 36-19-92,
jalan Jubur kucing,
Kg Laila Pelacur, lot 12629,
Kuala kal-eng, Belait,
Brunei Darussalam

 I’m gonna hit the shower now guys so laterrr.



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