holiday afterschool special.

hello. It’s day 3 of my holiday special (;
this is a random post so don’t expect anything substantially solid here.
surprise surprise! I haven’t left the house today and when i say today, i meant yesterday since the current time would prove me wrong.
Woke up to the sound of me mum waking me up for extra class but another surprise! I didn’t go. haha. I was too lazy to bother and my mum didn’t argue like i would’ve expected her to because she had this thing she had to attend. Me ladyboss’s boss’s ladyboss kinda passed away last night it seems. Inalillah.
so shakespeares is gonna rattle my ass soon for missing his ‘tution class’ so i better prepare myself by doing  my ass crunches yaw. * makes ugly face* one! two! pwuhhhh. I’m literally a lazybum. *wipes sweat of cheeks* haha.

pretty much wasted my afternoon watching the clouds go by while sitting outside me window on the roof.
Seriously, what weirded me out was the fact that the wind was coming from northwest but the clouds seem to love the wind and was heading right for it. haha. Macam breaking the laws of physics wah. I kinda just noticed this. Wind direction may differ up there said my dear Aimee who i kinda wasted my afternoon being jobless with :j . But i like my theory more where the wind represents a girl pushing away this boy(cloud) but being the stalker boyfriend he is, he won’t let up in his chase for his true love even if it means traveling halfway across the globe if god allows it. Haha. In the end, the cloud started to cry a river over KB and started sneezing while flashing his energizer flashlight on and off. It’s past midnight now and dear old cloudy seemed to have cried himself to death. aww poo. A lot of us guys feel for you cloudy. We’ll never forget you.

Broy came over tonight and we watched ‘JUMPER’. seriously cool yaw. I love people with abilities. Early last year after ‘HEROES’ came out, i went through this phase where i would fantasize about what ability i would most likely want and such. i also made a list of  ‘top 5 abilities’. haha. high in the list is flying!! haha. i used to think it would be more fun to fly than teleport but after watching jumper, i may consider otherwisee. and then like if you could have 2 powers what would it be? and you would pick 2 combo ability that would pretty much be awesomely cool together like muscle recall thingy and the ability to access the internet w/body so i can youtube videos mentally and kinda duplicate anything i see. And then there’s teleportation and invisibility. wink wink.

Ohh. I did Broy a favour and saved him $105 by fixing his 6630’s lCD screen. Just used some spare parts from my dead 3230, my trusted screwdriver and some recall of some electronic knowledge and now… he owes me $100 which all totals up to his total debt of 14 thousand hundred tenth infinity dollars. booyaaa!
i think that’s how much the planet mercury costs right? i want i want so i can manipulate my future! All because I’m a gemini(conquering planet: mercury)

Ohh people. I’ve been neglecting my turtle which i nicknamed choki-choki today and yesterday. am gonna bring it out basking in the sun in a couple of hours hopefully in the morning if i’m awake by then. Ever since i found her, her shell has still been flaking a lil bit. im sad that she might be somewhat ill so wish choki some luck peoplee.
I’m also expecting a litter of kittens by the end of next week too so yey!
its 3:06 am now so i better head off to bed. Don’t want to piss off dear old sandman. He works hard to make sure all our taiemata are doing their best in keeping us asleep.
Soo goodnight to most and good morning to some. Laterrrr



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