water splash? i think not.

So i went to the splash thingy with my bag filled with my freshly washed towel courtesy of my mother, a shirt, shorts and some other shit i find necessary to bring around with me every time i go out.
So yea guess what i figured out right before, it wasn’t a water splash event! it was a family sports day. haha. I’m such a loserr.
i blame Faris for the false information yaw. haha.
The funny thing is even though its a sports day event, one of the main games is to take hold of this big dice, plant your feets and throw the dice to try your luck. haha. I never knew gambling was a kind of sport because these people certainly thinks so. my ugama teacher once told me stuff like this was called ‘ajaran-ajaran sesat’. hee.

The bouncers were soo not up the mark. The tiger head kept bobbing down and it seriously looked like it was about to eat someone namely faris and when i got caught in this bodypile inside the bouncer, i could feel the ground and gawd did that gave me this radical friction burn.

But why am i complaining? I was the party crasher. hahaha. but no one really cared tho. I easily blended in with everyone else after exhibiting some lameass shuffling running man.
there was this chick though who faris said was eyeing me and omg did she had an enchanting bum. basar yoo.
macam 2 footballs. haha and faris called her ‘midget slut’. discrimination much? pfft. Ohh, and there was this clown who looked like he just came after a dip through the dumpsters yaww. i seriously wanted to kick him in the balls(a weird fantasy of mine) after he told me he didn’t have enough balloons to make me lifelike balloon girlfriend. pfft. Cheap ass clown.  and one of the veggie rolls(steamed popia) had meat in it and i literally went “whatthehell??”. Had to discreetly spit it back out if front of everyone. haha. This is exactly why i screen all my food. At least i went and did something productive today :j
which is what people these days call ‘washing your eyes’.
So there’s an end to a pretty dull eventful day. I’ve got an extra class tomorrow morning so I’ve got to wake up early. why do my teachers insist we have class at 8 in the morning when we have no other classes and could up it up to like.. 10. Pretty much ruins my morning mood so don’t act all suprised if i give you a deadly scorn tomorrow morning. Anyway, i’m gonna start making it a habit to constantly update my blog now so wish me luck.
*lights out*



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