*theme song* i am a lazy bum~ a lady bum~

it’s holiday and baruuutah i felt like updating my aging ass blog. haha. i’m what you might call a lazybum.
oh oh oh. peopleee, wthell mann?! (apa itu nerakaa??!)
okay. its march and im like so effin stress out. omg, feels like a chicken waiting for my head to be chopped off.
AAC is doing fine for me tho. thing is, eventhough i left my heart in stjohn..in AAC theres not much distraction.. other than the girls that is but yeaa i think i could do better now yall.
oh oh oh. you know my A.maths teacher, he’s the guy who published the thick blue maths book. haha. the one alot of us used masa pmb. haha. sheikh peer is his name and maths is his game and nama glamournya  shakespeare. he picks his nose in class so im grateful i sit at the back (:

its friday morning at the mo and i kinda woke up around 9 even though i went and slept at 2..3ish. my holiday 12 hour sleep cycle hasn’t kicked in yet it seems. anyway today i might either go to the belait park. opps. haha wink.(insider’s joke) i meant to say jubli park to do some aerobics with my brother (kan master the handspring kali ah) orr i could go to KBRC as there is this water day thingy there and bash and faris are going. broy went to sleepover arah his cousin’s place after finally giving me back my 70’s show boxset lastnight season 6 & 7 so we’ll see. i don’t wanna be the loser standing next to the dumpster acting all cool and macho with my ignoring people left and right even though in reality i’m like staring at everyone while pretending to have a social life by acting like im texting someone with my phone. haha. those days are over.

i still remember 2 years ago when they had the bitchinggg tall ass titanic bouncer slide. fuyooo haha. i pushed broy up and down the bouncer. he screamed like a girl and shrieked like a pig. haha. even Nana, bash’s lil sister made fun of him. it was a delightful day and i had fun amat very much.

so i’m gonna put on some trousers now and go take a shower as it’s 2 hours till the friday prayer starts and i might take half that time in the shower either sleeping under the warm water or engrossed in one of archie’s and jughead’s little adventure across riverdale orr i might end up watching my ‘the land before time’ cd with awesome littlefoot and his friends . so laterr dudes and dudettes.

update: i forgot to mention! last night i dreamnt that if you mixed urine and season’s ice lemon tea together, the concocktion was flamable like liquid gas and catch firee. hahaha. don’t even ask me where i got the idea because i have no idea. i think my imagination is on overdrive. IM me to get the lowdown.

ex’s and oh’s



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